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Google's new, image-rich Play Store for Android is rolling out now

Google on Tuesday announced their new image rich Play Store edition via Twitter ( Our latest update is rolling out right now! ). With this update Google brings its much hyped Material Design Approach. This new image rich update v4.9.13 aka Material Design update packs variety of changes and updates.

The new material design version provides a clean and substantial focus on the apps. The biggest changes with this update come to the app, book, movie, and music detail pages. If you visit any specific app then you will notice some changes including the ability to see the app description and change log in full-screen mode. In certain sections such as Movies, you will see the return of banners once again with the embedded video trailers of the movie.

Although, you can only now view change logs for apps that you have installed on your device and they now appear in place of the app description section. Information such as the version number, last update time, and number of downloads is now located in the full-screen description, as well.

One must note that this is not the final update, Google's Android Team will launch few more updates to this version as certain parts of the did not get the Material Design update.

If you are not willing to wait for your turn and want the new update then you can download the updated apk version form Here .


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