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Tricks & Tips | Get GSF (Google Services Framework ) key of your Android device

Every Android device is associated with a unique Google Services Framework (GSF) key with it. It's important to know your GSF key during some off bit works.

What is Google Services Framework (GSF)?

GSF ID key is a unique key for each device. It is used to identify your device for market downloads, specific applications uses this key to identify the device which is been used to purchase their services and many more things.
Your Android Device GSF key is a specific alpha-numeric Identification code associated with your mobile device. GSF ID key may need in order to Customer Support to assist you with certain issues.

How to Get Device Unique ID?

To get your unique GSF key, there are two methods. One is by using your phone's dialer and the other is by using an Android app. Here we will go through both the methods.

Method 1

You can get your unique GSF ID key by using your phone's dialer. Follow the steps given to get GSF ID key,

Step 1 : Open dialer pad

Step 2 : dial

Step 3 : You will get a new screen on your device, i.e., GTalk Service Monitor Screen will open up.

Scroll a bit down and you will see the GSF key as shown in the picture below.
GTalk Service Monitor

Now, if you are not able to locate your GSF ID key using above method you can always go for the next method which is more simple to follow.

Method 2

In this method you will need to go to the Google Play Store to download an app called "Android Device ID". 
Link to the app : Android Device ID
'Android Device ID' app


  1. What if you don't have access to settings or desktop to download apps?
    I mean, when you reset to factory and the first thing that pops up is an error that your ROM in not registered and you don't have access to dialer, Settings or basically anything.

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