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App Review | Google Authenticator receives a late Material Design Overhaul

Google, today released an update to their 2-step verification app, Google Authenticator, after almost a year giving all other Apps Material Design overhaul. Surprise what took them so long to update this App! Whatever ma be the reason but we at last got a good looking App, not the logo of the App though.

New Google Authenticator Logo

The new version comes with a new Logo, shown above, much lighter than previous one. Concept of the logo is still the same this time. No change in it. 

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Besides giving Material Design overhaul and improving speed of the app Google also introduced some new features. Now Google Authenticator does support Android Wear devices. Which means now you can get your 2-step verification code via your smart watch (powered by Android Wear), you don't need to have to use you phone all the time.

Google Authenticator is an App from Google which lets you log-in into your Google accounts securely. Here you have to generate 2-step verification code particular to the system you are using. This code expires within a minute and therefore must be used before Authenticator generates a new code. 

Give this app a try if you want to create a secure session using your Google account across different platforms. This app definitely provides an extra layer of security to your account.

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