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App Review | SBI Secure OTP : A secure way to generate One Time Passwords

Whenever we shop online using Debit/Credit Card or Net-banking we are asked to validate ourselves by the Payment Systems to make sure person transacting a valid person not a fraud. To add an extra layer of security, after providing Debit/Credit card pin or Net-banking password, to online transactions banks introduced One Time Password (OPT) mechanism where a user can generate an OTP, 6 digit, pin specific for that particular transaction only. A generated will come to your registered mobile. It could be used once and expires after a certain time limit. Even in that case someone could snoop in and could commit fraudulent transactions behalf of your name without your acknowledgement. To avoid such incidents, State Bank of India (SBI), one of the top banks in India, has come up with a solution by providing an app in Play Store to generate an OTP on your own.


Using this app you can generate an OTP more securely and with just two clicks. To use this app you must have a net-banking account associated with SBI, otherwise you won't be able to access this app. If you don't have activated net-banking then click on the following link to get started. 


In order to use this app you need to first register your device to the SBI and update SBI Anywhere App. Once you register for the app, you will no longer receive OTP messages in your 'Message app', instead will be transferred into SBI Secure OTP app. You will need to login into the app using mPIN you created while registering. You can deregister from the app as well.


In this app, there are two modes specifically designed as per the Internet availability in your phone.
  1. Online OTP: Online OTP lets you generate an OTP quickly while performing Internet banking transactions if your device is connected to the Internet. 
  2. Offline OTP: If your device is not connected to the Internet, you could still generate an OTP using this option.
Link to download this app from Google Play Store is given below, please try this app and let me know your feedback here. To follow me on twitter click on my twitter handler - abhi009s.

Get it on Google Play


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