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Google I/O 2014 - Day 1 Review

Today's keynote was filled up by the Android news only. This year in Google I/O, you will see Android everywhere with products for phone, wrist, car and TV .

We will take a quick review of all the new announcements Google did today. Google today announced a bunch of products like new Android 'L', Android wear, Android Auto and Android TV for your Phone, Wrist, Car and TVs respectively.

Google I/O 2014

Android 'L'

Google knows how to make news, Google is best at it. Today Google representative talked about its next Android version for more than half and hour but referred it as 'L', probably the 'L' will get its complete name tomorrow and the version number also. No one knows what that 'L' stands for ( is it Lollipop or Laddo Lassi??) and its version number also. Different websites are claiming that it will be called as Android 4.5 but there are speculations that Google is going to announce a complete new series with the Android 'L' and that's why Google will numbered it as Android 5.0. 

New Android 'L' Sneak Peek 

We can see Google has changed much with the new 'L' line in its UI. We will get a complete news about the 'L' by tomorrow.

Android Wear

Google finally announced the Wear devices powered by LG and Samsung with their products 'G Watch' and 'Gear Live' respectively. These devices are available for preorder on Google Play Store (Android Wear - Devices on Google Play) and shipping will start from next moth.

LG G Watch 
Samsung Gear Live

Google reps demonstrated features of the the Android Wear like Google Now Cards , App Integration and Voice Control..

Android Auto

Android in your Car, just imagine. Yes, Android is coming to the Cars. Android team today announced that they are working closely with car makers and OEMs. 25 Car makers and 40 OEMs have signed to work with Google on this project to Androidify your Car.

Android's Open Automotive Alliance Companies 

Navigation using Android Auto

         Android Auto will be controlled by your phone itself. You will need to just connect your Android Phone to the Car and though phone Android Auto will provide features like Navigation, Music, Voice Messaging and other apps all in the Car-display.

Cars powered by Google's Android Auto will be rolling off assembly lines next year.

Android TV

Android TV
After failure of Google TV, Google today announced Android TV with the new features and functions. Android team is much confidence of its new Android TV. With the new launch Google wants to wipe out the failure of the Google TV.

Android TV gives you built-in core Google features providing robust voice search and your games will be transferred from Google Play Store to the TV itself.Android TV will be launched along with the Android 'L'.


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