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[Fix] Google Play Error 927

    Sometimes while downloading any app from Google play store we face some errors, one of the common seen error is Error 927 which is shown below.

      Many people get confused when they face this error. They don't understand what to do in this situation.

      In this post I will show you how to heal this error without much efforts.
 Actually it is easy to solve this error.But first of all lets try to understand what this error is actually.

What is Error 927 ?

        Error 927 is an error which belongs to the developers of the application you are trying to install. This error appears because of a network connection error in a few cases, and it also contains a "Package file is invalid" message when the update isn't validated properly or simply fails to validate with the Google Play servers. Usually the error disappears when the developer is contacted in order to fix their application. And there's nothing users can do except for waiting, because their phones are OK, the problem is in the server.

Fix Error 927

     Fixing error 927 is quite easy,there are few ways to fix this error.You can use any of these methods to fix this error.

  • Method 1
     To fix error 927 using this method you need to remove your Google Account which is linked with the Play Store.
     First go to Settings and then Accounts, in accounts go to Google and remove your account from there.

     Then after this step again add your primary account into the Android. And then try to install any app via Play Store.

  • Method 2
     If the above method failed, then you need to change your Google account linked to the Play Store.

     Disconnect your Google account associated with the Play Store and link another Google account with the play store. In short make another Google account as your default account for your android phone and Play Store.

  • Method 3
     If both the methods failed to solve your problem then you will need to wipe out Play Store data.

     To do so, go to Settings and then Applications, in Applications go to Manage Applications. Go to Google Play Store app and uninstall updates (if any) and clear user data.

    After that restart your phone, and now try to download application from Play Store, your problem must have now solved.


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