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One Plus to launch 'One' Flagship to India on December 2

When One Plus's Flagship phone first launched a couple of month ago, it was termed as the killer smartphone of the year 2014. However the same phone is making its way into the Indian market officially, though through the online shopping.

The Chinese Manufacturers, One Plus, have announced that they will put the mobile through the Amazon.in , one of the leading e-shopping market. However in order to get the mobile you will need 'an invite', you will need to participate into a contest to win the invite.

Check the link to the contest : Win the Contest for Invites. There are only 1000 invites initially, so hurry if you wants to get the phone in the first round only, the next round may start after 5-6 weeks depending upon the requests, says Amazon.in .

Before you enter into the contest, read the rules, given below,first.

1. You will need to subscribe to the One Plus  Newsletter (  Click to Subscribe ).
2. You will need to enter the contests and events held by the One Plus and/or Amazon.in in order to get the invites.
3. Once you get your invite, you will need to register to the One Plus Account by clicking the unique link provided into your email.
4. There you will see your 'Invite' .
5. Click Buy to purchase One from the Amazon.in .

Note: Once you purchase One Flagship phone from the Amazon.in, you will get another invite to share it with your family or friends (It may take 4-5 weeks to get the invite upon purchase depending upon the stock, says Amazon.in ).


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