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App Update : Calendar App Got Added To The Material Design Family

Google is now hasting to launch the updates for its premium apps after the launch of Android Lollipop last month along with the launch of Nexus 6 and Nexus 9. And it is one of the most beautiful update to any App of Google.

Seriously, Google really is going to redefine the way we used to store our events and reminders into the calender before. This new feature, of course backed with Material Design , has a bunch of new features. At least the video posted by Google on its official YouTube Channel seems promising, it is shared below.

Events from Gmail :

Emails now will turn into the Calendar Events 
As you can see in the video, this new update will let you add reminders from Gmail App directly into your Calendar App, similar to the web-browser method, where Gmail automatically detects the date and timing of your events and lets you add reminder for that particular event into the Google Calendar. Same kind of functionality is now provided with this update. It was, actually, much needed update for all the Gmail users.

Assist : Let Google handle Everything

Calendar will suggest you !!!
Now the Google Calendar app will help you type titles, places and also the people. This will done by Calendar automatically when you will start typing for your desired event. For example, if you go for 'shopping' more often with your any friend, then it will show you an entire event of 'shopping, once you start tying 's-h-o-p-p-i-n-g', tagging your that friend into the 'shopping' event. This is one of the most prolific feature in this update.

Stunning UI : No Comparison for this UI
App backed by stunning Material Design support

Yes, it is Lollipop everywhere at Google, every other app of Google is getting the Material Design touch, and this Calendar app is not an exception, but what makes it more beautiful is its UI. This app, now, has got many new features and is also now backed up by the stunning Material Design making it one of the most beautiful app out there in the PlayStore right now.The new UI is definitely stunning, it lets you re-arrange you view on the different Platforms. It has got that iconic hamburger icon like Google + and Gmail apps, but this time there is a '+' (plus) sign instead of typical pen icon.

This new update will be available for the Androids running above Android 4.1+ ( Jelly Bean 4.1 upwards ) very soon, And is now available for all the Android phones running on Android Lollipop 5.0 since today ( 3rd November ), announced by Google on its official 'GmailBlog' ( A new day for Google Calendar ).

The apk file will be made available for download here very soon.

Let me know what you feel of the new UI and the features of the new Calendar app.


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