Flower power!

Hello! Here is my very first Mosaic Bricks post. It's a bit ironic that I've been invited to contribute to a LEGO blog right at the time that I started taking a little break from actual LEGO building in order to spend time doing a few other things. But I still have quite a backlog of mosaics and mosaic techniques that I've admired in the past, and I would like to share them here.

For today, I would like to share some mosaics Jason Allemann (True Dimensions) made entirely from LEGO flowers:

ParLUGment Flower Mosaic

Canadian Flag Flower Mosaic

Classic Space Flower Mosaic

LEGO Logo Flower Mosaic

I find it very interesting how he's overlapped the flower petals to give the impression of solid blocks of color. You can also see how each row of flowers is elevated slightly from the one below it, so that the petals have room to fit next to each other (I would guess). I thought it was all very clever.


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