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Simple and Sweet

Mosaics don't always have to be big and complicated to make a nice image.  Bruce sent me a link to this one, made by Brickshelf user lego036, saying it was simple, but that he liked it.


I really like it too.  Upon closer inspection, I can see that the eye is made of a round brick, and I'm fairly sure that the beak is made with a headlight brick.  The stud on the side of the headlight brick sticks out a bit, to give the beak a slightly pointy look.  Very nice. 

lego036 had a few other similar mosaics, too.  I love how the bird is holding a leaf in this one:


And it's very easy to imagine these cute little fishies swimming around in a koi pond:


As an aside, I find it very limiting that I can't leave comments or really contact in any way the Brickshelf users that are featured here.  For that reason I usually stick to flickr and MOCpages as sources for blogging.  I'll try to make more of an effort to check out Brickshelf, though, in the future. 


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