Giant Christmas Village

There is a currently a LEGO Christmas Village set up at Time Square in Hong Kong.  You can read an article and watch a video describing it in more detail here.  The models were originally designed by Hong Kong LEGO fans, and then built at a size about 20 times larger than the originals.  Bill Toenjes (TooMuchDew) sent me one of the photos, because.... look!  A giant cheese slopes mosaic!   I assume (hopefully correctly) that the design was based off of one of one of mine.  In which case -- how cool is that? 

LEGO Village@Time Square, Hong Kong

I noticed this other beautiful snowy/starry mosaic background in the photographs taken by Joey Kwok (Bo-Chi Workshop). 

LEGO Village@Time Square, Hong Kong

See Joey's LEGO Village set for lots more photos.

In the video mentioned above, I saw a few more really neat mosaics, too, although I didn't find still photographs of them.  Since my birthday party is about to start, I will leave it to you, intrepid reader, to watch the video and look for them yourself.  ;-)


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