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Announcing MosaicBricks' Newest Author!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Announcing MosaicBrick's latest addition to the blog! With the recent (or not so recent) contest, MosaicBricks has been expanding! In efforts to boost productivity, the blog will be adding more authors to add a variety of new content!

I'm proud to announce that mosaic master, Katie Walker, has agreed to join the blog as an author! If you weren't aware, Katie has designed the logo at the top of the site, she has been featured on The Brothers Brick Blog almost ten times, and has received an abundance praise throughout the community for her stunning work. Be sure to check out her flickr stream to see her fantastic creations, or you can check out the interview we did with her last year here.

Katie will be adding techniques and tricks & tips to the blog, as well as user creations, so look forward to her posts! If you're ever not sure if she has posted, or if I have (Casey), at the footer of the post, it will display one of our names. So, thanks to Katie for joining and thanks to everyone for sticking with us!


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