Batman seems to be everywhere, these days.  First, here are a few Batman mosaics.  Josh Wedin and Dave Ware made very similar ones; one main difference is that Josh's mosaic has the studs pointing to the right, and Dave's has them pointing up (towards the head).  The changing orientation makes slight differences in how the mosaic turned out.  I notice differences especially in the lettering, and also in the face.

Vintage Batman Logo
Batman Mosaic, by Josh Wedin

Batman Studs up Lego Mosaic
Batman Mosaic by Dave Ware

Batman was also hanging out around BrickCon this year, too.  Here's half a Batman mosaic, hanging out next to the Super Friends Hall of Justice, made by VicLUG's Ryan Willougby:

BrickCon:  The Superfriends' Hall of Justice, by Ryan Willoughby
Hall of Justice, by Ryan Willougby

Over in the Art/Mosaic/Sculpture section, Bruce Lowell won an award for this 3-D Batman mosaic.  The colors and shapes make for quite the brooding ambience. 

The Silent Guardian - 3D Batman Mosaic
The Silent Guardian, by Bruce Lowell
One of the highlights at BrickCon this year was this amazing Bat Cave, by Wayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston.  It's not really a mosaic (though I see some yellow lines we could pretend are mosaics, if anyone wanted to be picky about it), but -- wow!

01 Batcave1048
Bat Cave, by Carlyle Livingston and Wayne Hussey

And lastly, here is a photo of the new upcoming LEGO set, Arkham Asylum.  Once again, not very mosaicky, but look!  Stained glass windows!  And gargoyles too!  (Though, sadly, not the peeing kind.)

BrickCon:  Arkham Asylum
Arkham Asylum -- upcoming set


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