Micro-Mosaics Redux

Since posting his first micro-mosaic, Arthur Gugick (torgugick) has been busy making more.  If you'll recall, this technique uses printed tiles, but for a 1x2 tile, half is covered by the next tile.  It's done in a stair-step fashion, and allows for a much greater resolution of an image in a smaller space. 

Here are a few more of his micro-mosaics, as shown at BrickWorld Indy:

Micro mosaics at Brickworld Indy

Here is a close-up of the Abe Lincoln micro-mosaic:

Abe Lincoln

In this image, you can see only half of the 1x2 tiles used in the image, and you can also see how the tiles are oriented in different directions to achieve a slightly different quality of color. 

Here's one more micro-mosaic, a close-up of Bugs Bunny, just for fun: 

Bugs Bunny


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