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All New Whatsapp for Android

After acquisition from Mark Zukerberg's Facebook, Whatsapp has revealed it's new version (Version 2.11.169) today.Most favorite social messaging app team has announced few new features into this update.

Whatsapp team has revealed some new features for their Android app. The new update is yet to go live on Google Play Store but is now available to download through Whatsapp's official website.

Android users can download this new update from this link  http://www.whatsapp.com/android/ 

The most important feature added to Whatsapp is that now user can hide his "last seen" from other users. Also now you can hide your profile pic and status from others.

With this new update user can hide his "last seen" from 'Everyone' , ' My Contacts ' or from 'Nobody'.
It is already available on iOS platform now this feature is available on Android also, Whatsapp team has made some changes in the Privacy settings.

User can also hide his profile pic  as well as status from other users.user can hide profile pic and status from all or some friends.

This new feature is available for only Android phones not for Tablets.

To download this new version of android you need to have your android version above 2.1 and unlimited data plan.


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