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Rumor | Pure Nexus line to become purer

Google uses Nexus line to showcase their new Android versions. Nexus devices are aimed at being low budget yet inclusive of almost all the latest hardware supportive to the latest version of Android. Nexus devices are mainly appreciated in the Android communities for delivering a pure Androidy experience. Google emphasizes on providing latest Android version to all of its Nexus devices (though many are now have stopped receiving updates). 

Nexus devices might become a complete Google product from next year

To bring this experience Google partners with the manufacturers like LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Huawei being the latest among all. But now, according to the post on bgr.com, things might change from the next year (2016).

According to a post on bgr.com, Google might ditch all of its partners from the next year and will be developing next year's Nexus' on their own. Tough it is a rumor, but if come to life it will change the game completely! Rumor says they want to handle the hardware department as well to control the various aspects of the phone and make them more Androidy.

This rumor of Google jumping into the manufacturing of Nexus' is coming after another rumor that states Google might manufacture their own chipsets for the Nexus devices.

Though this news came as a rumor many still wont be surprised reading this. Specially because last month we saw Google launching Nexus Pixel C at the launch of Nexus devices and tablets. Nexus Pixel C is a successor to the Nexus 10 tablet from 2014 and is purely made by Google only. Keeping this in mind one could possibly guess what Google brains are thinking for the future. 

This will definitely help Google control over the low budget and flagship market of smartphones. As we all know, since Nexus 6 Google is aiming at competing with iPhones and other Android big budget smartphone series like Galaxy S series of Samsung, G series of LG, Xperia Z series from Sony.

Now with the complete control over hardware selection in the Nexus devices Google could manufacture devices that could exploit all the features of a latest Android more effectively than previous. Also this might help Google control price tag of such devices around globe. This year's Nexus devices are insanely over-priced in some countries and Europe leaving hardcore Nexus fans in confusion whether to go for it.

Although its not clear at the moment whether Google seriously thinking over jumping into the manufacturing section but if they do jump in that will definitely change the smartphone market.

What you think? Should Google get into the manufacturing as well and build their own devices? Comment below to know your views.


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