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Retrieve Source Code from Android APK file

Ever you thought how to get source code of your Android apk file if in case you lost it?? Today I will give you a simple method to retrieve your source code from the .apk file that you created using that source code itself.

This Post is Merely for Education Purpose,
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You can retrieve your source code by watching and following steps shown below. But before that you will need to download "APK Retrieval.zip" file from the link given below.
Download >> APK Retrieval 

Follow these steps as shown in the above videos :

1. Rename the .apk file into .zip file (Here HelloAndroid.apk file to HelloAndroid.zip file).

2. Extract .zip file you just converted in the 1st step and copy classes.dex file.

3. Paste classes.dex file copied from the .zip folder into dex2jar folder. 

3. Open command prompt and change directory to the dex2jar folder. Type dex2jar classes.dex and hitenter.         Now you will get classes.dex.dex2jar file in the same folder.

4. Now double click on jd-gui (Java decompiler) folder and click on 'jd-gui.exe' file.

5. Then open classes.dex.dex2jar file from that folder. Save these files ( Click on "File > Save All Source" ).

Get XML files from APK:-

1. Extract apktool and apkinstall in a new folder.

2. Put  apk file into the new folder.

3. Open the command prompt and go to the root directory (i.e New Folder).

4. Type command on command prompt: apktool d HelloAndroid.apk

5. This will generate a folder of name "Hello Android" in current directory. This folder will contain XML files.

This is the simple method to get the source code from an apk file, if you want to learn more such tricks then hit like and subscribe buttons on my 


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