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Whats Your MOTO ???

Motorola today posted a video on their Youtbue official channel of teaser about the new MOTO X. Motorola haven't changed the name of last years Flagship MOTO X to MOTO X+1 or MOTO X2 , but instead looks like they are giving a chance to the customer to name it.

As shown in teaser video on YouTube, Motorola really wants to keep it simple as they do all the time. We have seen the amount of customization a customer can do on his/her MOTO X, but this time it seems that they have gone one step ahead and are allowing users to pick the name for their next MOTO X.

Video shows the name 'BUDDY' on the wooden back panel of the MOTO X while it is being customized, and then it appears on the desk of the user. Customer then uses the same name, BUDDY, to activate the mobile using voice command, shown in the video, replacing the conventional 'OK GOOGLE' command.

This video comes with the tag line "Choose how it looks, Choose how it works, Choose how it fits in your Life.'

We can assume that this flagship will hit market with the same price rate ( or even less). Motorola haven't updated their site yet, instead they are turned to the YouTube to promote and create buzz around their products.

Along with New MOTO X , Motorola also revealed the teasers of Second GEN MOTO G and MOTO 360 Watch. Click on the links to know more about these releases.

Keep checking here for more updates of New MOTO X , Second Gen MOTO G  and MOTO 360 Watch.


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