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Android 'L' - 9 Features to Mark in The New Update

Google on Wednesday announced the much awaiting Android version 'L' in the annual Google I/O 2014,in San Francisco. Though Google have kept the actual name and version number under the covers but the Android team revealed some of its features to the developers.

Android 'L': Developer Preview 

We will take a quick look at the main 10 features that Google's Android team revealed at the I/O 2014. Android team announced some vital changes into the Android Platform which will bring modification and improvement into the UI, performance and the security.

1. New User Interface

With this update to Android, Google is trying to put User Interface at a completely new level. This new UI will be based on the Material Design which adds more animation, shadows and space into the apps.

Completely new UI by Android 'L'

The on-screen navigation keys will also get a whole new look with this release; the Home, Back and Multitasking keys are now symbolized by a circle, triangle and square.

2. Enlightened Notifications

Notifications are also enhanced along with the UI. Now one can read, access and dismiss the notifications right from the lock screen of the Android phone without any need to unlock it.

Android 'L'  Lock Screen Notifications
Now notifications will be seen as the Google Now Cards on your screen. It is done by using Heads-up Notification method to show the notifications on the top of the screen irrespective of the app running at that time.

3. 3D Multitasking

Android 3D Multitasking - Material Design
Hold your nerves, because with the next update to the Android , your phone will get a 3D multitasking feature. Looks like Android is going in the right direction. It was much buzzed rumor since the news of the Android 'L' update.

This is done with the help of the Material Design , it shows the open apps as the overlapping cards.This 3D effect is also given to the Google's official Android browser 'Chrome', it will be seen when user switches from one tab to another in Chrome.
4. Much Faster Apps

Android-Run-Time : It will replace Dalvik run-time

With the new Android-Run-Time (ART) apps on Android deivces will run at much faster speed than its predecessors. Android is shifting from the Dalvik run-time to ART, a much sophisticated and clear run time for Android Devices.

5. Improved Battery Life

Almost everyone who use smartphone is concerned about the battery life of their device. Google's Android Team is trying hard to improve the battery life of the devices with each and every update. Android 'L' update is also no exception.

Android announced project Volta - it will be used to save Battery Life of the Android Devices
Android team at the Google I/o 2014 announced 'Project Volta', project Volta is mainly used to save the Battery life of the Android Device. Google claims that it will boost the battery life of the Android devices.

6. 64-Bit CPU

After Apple's announcement of supporting the 64-bit CPUs to its iPhone phones Google also hinted at providing the 64-Bit support to its Android devices. Now it is finally here, from next version of Android, Google will also provide support to the 64-Bit CPUs.

64-Bit CPU support will boost the performance of Android apps

This means that addressable memory constraints are now lifted and Android devices will be able to make full use of the available RAM. It will give great performance boost to its Apps.

7. PC-Like Graphics 

Android Extension Pack : Will Provide the PC-like Graphics

With the launch of Android 'L' Google is trying to give the PC-Like Graphics on the mobile platforms. This new update will provide PC-like gaming experience on the Mobile.

8. Enhanced Security

This was the much needed update to the Android Platform. With this update Google is providing the kill-switch feature that enables users to remotely reset their smartphone or tablet in case it is stolen.

Android Security Innovation

9. Enterprise Edition

Now users could manage their personal as well as office data together in one device more effectively and  creatively. Companies will be able to manage and monitor work-related apps on Android devices better now.
Better Enterprise Integration with Android 'L'
Samsung's Knox software will be used to keep corporate data separate and secure from the personal data.


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