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Technic Axle Mosaics

A while ago, Katie posted about "tiny mosaics," individual creations that are so incredibly small that they can complete a detailed mosaic in a roughly less than a 16x16 space using some of the smallest Lego elements, sometimes even better than their Lego system counterparts. Katie included "The Wave" by minkowsky on Flickr. (By the way, this one actually moves! Fantastic!)

The Wave

Roughly six months ago, my brothers and I destroyed our ten year collection of bionicle sets. Upon looking for inspiration on what to build from my massive bin of new found parts in the Bionicle Flickr group, I stumbled upon three more technic axle tiny mosaics. What is so incredible about these, are that the "facing up" side of the axles are (roughly) one fourth of the size of the "facing up" side of a 1x1 brick (or plate). This allows for up to four times the resolution of a normal studs up mosaic!

The first one is a Heart Mosaic by Sparkytron on Flickr.
Heart Mosaic

To illustrate just how small these are, I found a picture on Sparkytron's Mocpage showing how it fits inside a six by eight area. If you were to use studs up bricks, it would fit in a twenty-four by thirty-two area.
Second, we have Kiwi Mosaic by Brickthing on Flickr. This one is built within a 16x16 area and really has a great clear image.
Kiwi Mosaic

And lastly, we have Blinky, a Pac-Man ghost re-created in technic axle form by arpy on Flickr.

Looking forward to seeing many more! If you know of one not shown here, let me know! Shoot us an email to mosaicbricks(at)gmail.com! (just remember to replace the (at) with @).


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