Brickworld 2012 Mosaic Round up!

Brickworld 2012 was the best Brickworld yet (or at least, for me, Casey, it was). Lots of laughs, learning, and (of course) Lego! Mosaics had a great presence this year with some great jaw-dropping-how-the-heck-did-you-make-that-creations. Most of these where taken on the 3rd day of the con (Friday) and some were taken on the 4th (Saturday). I tried to write down all the names of the mosaics and the names of the creators, but I misplaced a few. Let me know if you know any of the names. Thanks. And yes, this is about 2 weeks over due. ;-)

To start, Arthur Gugick brought his large amount of mosaics, most or all of which have been posted on MB before (or might as well have). The winner of the best art work went to Arthur Gugick's Anakin/Darth Vader Mosaic that was previously shown in our blog under the image-changing cheese slope post.


Sharon Vana? (unconfirmed) brought two Legend of Zelda mosaics. One of Link, and one of Zelda.

UPDATE: Sharon Vance brought the two mosaics.

E. J. Bocan III brought two superhero mosaics, an Iron Man one, and a Captain America mosaic.

Here's a photo illustrating the technique. The mosaics are built diagonally.

A C3PO mosaic was built by Sean Jensen.

I couldn't get close enough to read the inscription of the following mosaic or find the MOC card, but here's a mosaic of a labratory...building...thingy. Let me know if anyone knows the builder...or creation. ;-D

UPDATE: Dave Kaleta brought the Lab School Mosaic. It has a really neat story so check it out here!

Judge's award went to the The Day the Earth Stood Still mosaic by E. J. Bocan III. The technique used to make it is the same as the Captain America and Iron Man mosaics.

Chris Rozak brought a mosaic of the Nyan Cat.

A mouse cursor was brought by Dr. Church.

Becky Weis, apart of Brickology created a large Brickworld 2012 mosaic logo over the course of the convention made entirely of 1x8s.

Roy T. Cook brought a mosaic called Alice. The photo has been cropped for obvious purposes, as well for the public. A neat part of this mosaic though is that four panels all bend into one focal point.

A Lego logo mosaic was apart of a micro city display. (if anyone knows the builder, let me know)

Pepa Quin (Matt de Lanoy) brought his Lord of the Stick mosaics.

Tyler Halliwell brought a very large mosaic of Fashionable Bridge by Vladimir Kush. My photo turned out blurry, so the photo below is Tyler's.

A Canadian flag was brought. (once, again not sure who!)

Finally, Nikki Rinderer (unconfirmed last name) brought a host of labyrinths.

Overall, a lot of great mosaics this year! Congrats to the winners.

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