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Mosaics at Brickfair 2010: Kopaka and Onua (Bionicle!)

The the past weekend (Aug. 5-8th 2010), another Lego fan convention took place out side of Washington, D.C. Brickfair! And although I haven't been able to look through all photos, there was something that caught my eye on BZPower.com.

Now most of Lego community (Most), AFOLs and TFOLs, usually don't care for Bionicle. I'm not saying that they hate it, but most of them don't like it because it's a totally different entity from the original Lego system, and the mechanics of how it functions are some times confusing. (But, there's a respect that goes into the awesome Bionicle creations that are made from only System builders, I might add).
Growing up the Bionicle myself, it's very near and dear to my heart. I remember when my older brother and I got the six original toa for Christmas from our grandparents one year.

But even you don't care for it, or love it, you'll definitely like the two Bionicle mosaics that were made for Brickfair!

Two fairly large ones were made of the six original "toa", Kopaka (Left) and Onua (Right).

Read all about them: here. I'm going to continue to look for mosaics from Brickfair, so look for future posts about them here, on MosaicBricks. =)


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