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What the Brick just happened?!?!?

Where have I been? Well that's a good question thanks for asking...

Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it. A lot has gone by on since the almost year that I haven’t posted regularly. Don't worry, I'm not dead! :wink:

In the summer of ’10 when I was very active in the community. Probably too active. I was doing wayyyy too much during that summer. I was in three contests (I placed 1st 3rd and 5th by the way!), helping out with my Lego VBS, creating MOCs, doing daily life, taking music lessons, posting on a couple different forums, and on top of that, my cousin was over for a total of 1 month that summer. I was basically the humongous Lego fanatic, and it was tiring. Towards the end of the summer, my creativity was shot and I was drained. Without getting any time to recover from the creativity drain I was sent into the abyss that is Freshman year.

I’ll be honest…I hate every school subject so that didn’t help. Over the school semester I started to fade out, just getting too busy with a lot of different classes. A family moved from Kentucky and joined my homeschool co-op and in September we started playing a game called “Warhammer”. I originally discovered that game in 2006. Things started to hit the backburner and then I found another game in November, this time a video game, called Minecraft. I’m not going to talk about how amazing the game is, because this is about Lego, but I got distracted with that too. Not to mention I had a surgery on Christmas Eve Eve and I was just getting lost. I still kept up with collecting small sets and stuff, but not posting anything or building either.

Anyway, lots of family issues that I can’t talk about happened in the 2nd semester and I started to also have more medical problems with school getting harder to keep up with. My grades started to suffer and I barely survived the 2nd semester. Not to mention that 3 of my friends have moved away this summer. My whole online life was basically decimated though.

This summer though, I did my Lego VBS again and not to mention that I signed up for Brickworld 2011 originally in December and went with my friends this summer. I met up with a couple of TFOLs I knew/interviewed so that was fun. And overall I came out with a tired, but fun experience. I’m definitely going to change the way I do BW next year, but it was very fun. We'll cover it here, in a little bit.

And…What does this mean? I’ve decided to become a “casual TFOL”. I’ve got a lot of old MOCs and a couple new ones that I want to post on my MOCpages, so I’m going to try and do that with the rest of the summer. I’m going to try and stay in, but not obsessed with the Lego community with Flickr, my blog MosaicBricks, C-C, and my MOCpages. I've started to finally realize, you can't catch everthing. Something that's so obvious. My interests have shifted a lot though. I started making Minecraft videos after being inspired and that’s doing well so I’m going to try and pursue that as well. I’ve taken a humongous interest in Brickfilming so I’m going to try my hand at that as well. Saving up to get a new webcam.

I’m going to a new private school this upcoming semester so I'm going to a new private school this next semester and I’ll get my own laptop. So yeah, I’m back and hopefully to stay. Right now, I’m trying to find balance in life, and I just wanted people to know (if they were possibly wondering) where I was.

That is also a good question. We received one entry, when I dropped off the face of the earth, and we have three prize packs to give out! I've decided to have the (Delayed) May Mosaic Madness contest! The contest will now run 'till the 22nd of September, and I'm going to try and get it out there as much as possible. I'm going to do some more interviews, as well as some follow-up ones. Normal posting will continue!

Thanks to everyone who's been reading! Even in my two month absence of posting, we hit a spike in reading! Weird huh? Oh, by the way, I'm going to start a personal blog, so look for that soon.


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