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May Mosaic Madness! (Woohoo!)

I'm declaring May Mosaic Month! I guess...heheheeh...

With the blog being not so active over the school year I'm going to do a massive re-start to the blog that I've been wanting to do for a while. May Mosaic Madness! One post for each day in May! I'm hoping to have around 4 interviews, tutorials, and lots of posts! Maybe a contest? I'll be updating this list from time to time, but here's the schedule: (All the "tutorials" ones/"how to"s are WIP titles)

April 30th: MMM Launch! (Contest announcements!)
Sun. May 1st: Lego Logo Mosaics Pt. 2 - Brickshelf
Mon. May 2nd: - Creation Post -
Tue. May 3rd: - Creation Post -
Wed. May 4th: How to Make a Mosaic Pt. 1: Picking a Picture and Getting it into the size you want.
Thurs. May 5th: - Creation Post -
Fri. May 6th: - Creation Post -
Sat. May 7th: Interview with ___________?
Sun. May 8th: Lego Logo Mosaics Pt. 3 - Flickr
Mon. May 9th: - Creation Post -
Tue. May 10th: - Creation Post -
Wed. May 11th: How to Make a Mosaic Pt. 2: Finalizing your Mosaic and Choosing your building Materials
Thurs. May 12th: - Creation Post -
Fri. May 13th: - Creation Post -
Sat. May 14th: Interview with ___________?
Sun. May 15th: Lego Logo Mosaics Pt. 4 - Conclusion
Mon. May 16th: - Creation Post -
Tue. May 17th: - Creation Post -
Wed. May 18th: How to Make a Mosaic Pt. 3: Finishing Building and Taking Photos/Editing Photos
Thurs. May 19th: - Creation Post -
Fri. May 20th: - Creation Post -
Sat. May 21st: How to Make a Mosaic Pt. 4: Picking a Photo Hosting Option
Sun. May 22nd: Official Lego Mosaic Sets Pt. 4: Modern Lego Mosaic Sets
Mon. May 23rd: - Creation Post -
Tue. May 24th: - Creation Post -
Wed. May 25th: How to Make a Mosaic Pt. 5: Other, Extra Things - Going Bigger and Better
Thurs. May 26th: - Creation Post -
Fri. May 27th: - Creation Post -
Sat. May 28th: Interview with ___________?
Sun. May 29th: Interview with ___________?
Mon. May 30th: Contest Winner(s) Announced!
Tue. May 31st: Thank You!
Wed. June 1st: Resuming Normal Programming...

I'm pretty excited! Stay Tuned!


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