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House Keeping

Ok, so I'm still transitioning back into the whole Lego thing trying to give each of my sites and stuff face lifts. I've update my avatar to a new up-close shot of my sig figgy's face and I'm working on my MOCpages homepage.

You might notice that MosaicBricks has changed with two banners for the two other blogs, and a new favicon! Speaking of two new blogs!

1. A Boy and His Bricks - My personal blog so I don't keep on getting that sort of stuff in MosaicBricks. I'll be posting my creations, my thoughts, my goals, and my process of starting to become a brickfilmer. I'm going to over the next four to five months trying to re-create several key scenes from the Nolan Batman Trilogy. The contest on Lego.com ends Nov. 15 so I've got to get busy!

2. JumboBricks - A Blog coming soon. I'm not sure when I'll start it. Probably in the school year which starts around August 24th when I get my brand new spank-a-dank-in' laptop.

Don't worry there's stuff for MosaicBricks...

Updates for MB:
- Interviews on the way including a follow-up interview from Ben Caulkins!
- Part 1 of how to build a mosaic! (coming out during when I'm on vacation)
- Part 2 of Lego Logo mosaics! (Brickshelf)
- Regular mosaic coverage
- Secret updates... ;-D (WIP)

(Speaking of vacation, I'm leaving in less than a week to go on vacation so there unfortunately will not be any posts besides the Part 1 which should be enough. I'll let you know when I'm leaving. =) )

The contest we're running is doing O.K. so far. We've only gotten one entry, but with my tutorial posts and the interest we've already taken, I think we'll see a few more. Plus, using my platform on MOCpages, maybe we'll get some others as well.

Anyway, be sure to keep updated! My personal blog will also give a lot more background to this blog too.

Thanks for sticking with us!


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