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Official Lego Mosaic Sets: Part 2 - The Illustrious #3443

Continuing on in our series of official Lego sets, we have a most notable, rare, and illustrious set. The amazing 3443. If you happen to own one such 3443, that is something special.

Set 3443 Mosaic Set (Yes, same title, yet again!) was a set that came out in 2000, and was generally released with all other cool sculpture sets such as the Statue of Liberty, the Green Dragon, and the Maxi-fig.

Above is the box it came in. It contained 1993 pieces which in it had a 48x48 baseplate. That's right. All that for $30. That's 2 cents per piece!! And over half of the piece were 1x1 black plates. A full inventory can be found here. I'm also pretty sure it taught you how to make Lego mosaics as well. The set was mostly sold in the Legoland Gift-shops, Lego Stores, and sold/traded on early Lego community sites. You can't even really find one these days.

Above is an example of what you could make with the set. I'd be really curious as how they'd make it. Now, on Bricklink, I believe this set is categorized as k34434, which I think it means that it is the same set! Look below...

In this picture you can see the pieces that they used to create the frame as well as how they used a different image then a child.

Set 3443 is quite awesome. I'm not sure if there would be quite a reason to get one know, but it's just really cool. ;-D Probably one of the best Lego mosaic sets.

Thanks for reading, come back on Sunday for Part 3 of Official Lego Mosaic Sets.

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