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Official Lego Mosaic Sets: Part 1 - Ye Old Mosaics

Beginning in 1984, we saw the first ever official Lego mosaic set!...well...Duplo set...well...not even that either being labeled as Dacta! Set 1012 titled: Mosaic Set, marked a new era of mosaics!...sort of!

Anyway! Today we're starting a new series sort of thing of official Lego mosaic sets. I'm going to have it sort of like a mini-history of kits produced. Let's get back to it! ;-D

Like I was saying, set 1012...

As you can see from the picture above it, consisting of several 2x2 printed tile pieces (in Duplo dimensions) and a small red baseplate, was the first official set produced by the Lego company as far as I can tell. Although, I'm pretty sure that mosaics were built by the company, but not put on shelves or anything. No retail price on this, but I would think that it would have gone for maybe $10, $20, possibly $30 during its time.

When I first uncovered these Dacta sets, I knew they looked familiar. And they were because my library used to mount several of this next set on the wall with tubs underneath them. (that or they were knock offs :-P ).

Set 1000, again called Mosaic Set, was basically the same thing as 1012, except released in 1986 had a lot more pieces and a bigger sized baseplate. And this one had a retail price at $46.75. It was quite a step up from the previous set with having idea panel/book things.

And lastly, just to tie things up, in 1987 there were a couple more sets released with animal-like themes, for example:

Set 1019, Mosaic Set (Lion) (again!!) was liked a "themed" mosaic set, if you will. If only had a few pieces, all of them lion pieces. This retailed for $8.25.

Anyway, here's a little brief thing on mosaics, and I'll have more in-depth parts later on. This one was a bit informal, but informational. I hope you enjoyed this, and are looking forward to later ones!

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