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Lego Logo Mosaics - Part 1 - MOCpages

There's a strange thing about Lego mosaics. Most everyone who's ever built one (a mosaic) has probably built a 32x32 mosaic of the Lego logo itself. But! For some strange reason, every single one is slightly different in their own each, unique way. You can tell that maybe the letters L-E-G-O or slightly slanted one way, than another.

But that doesn't mean they don't have anything in common either. Most everyone also includes the black border of the logo, which probably shouldn't be there, considering it's so small compared to the rest of the logo.

It's very strange how one little 10 inch by 10 inch image made out of little plastic bricks can be duplicated and replicated by almost everyone.

Anyway, I have searched far and wide all over the internet for as many mosaics I can find, and here's a giant gallery for you to enjoy. This is only MOCpages' ones though. There would be way to many in one post if I did Brickshelf, and Flickr too (at the same time). Although most are 32x32, some aren't, by the way.

See if you can pick out those subtle differences!

<---Lego Logo by Casey McCoy | A LEGO LEGO logo mosaic By Mariann Asanuma--->

<---LEGO Logo By John Langrish | Lego Logo Mosaic 32x32 By Lucas Liska --->

<---lego logo mosaic By dakota spencer | lego"lego"mosaic By davis jefferson --->

<---Lego logo By Arthur Gugick | Lego Logo By Arthur Gugick --->

<---LEGO logo By Middle Earth Mason . | Star Wars Collection By Exitrooper !--->

<---LEGO Logo Out Of LEGO By John Earle Hildebrand III | Lego Logo By peter stev--->

^^^- Large Lego Logo By Eugene Tan -^^^

Look for the next edition!


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