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Brickworld 2011 - Registration Now Open!

Hello everyone, just wanted to inform you that registration for Brickworld 2011 is now open!

You might have already seen the news, but for those of you that are on the fence, I strongly encourage you to go. Last year there were two mosaic workshop classes, and at least 20 or more mosaics scattered throughout the rooms.

Not only will you see amazing mosaics, but run into cool AFOLs as well. Did I mention the huge presence of mosaics?

Yeah, I will be planning on attending (hopefully), I'm talking to friends, family, and my parents ;-D. But If I'm going, I need to get my butt in action (attendance for full registration is capped at 650, but we'll see how long that lasts ;-D ) because my friends and I have been designing a huge 3 ft x 3 ft display for BW!

There are already (within a day), almost 200 signed up, so if you haven't, do so! I haven't attended as a full attendee previously, only as a public day attendee, but the full sounds great!

Hopefully see you there! ;-D


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