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Android Marshmallow | Android One devices started getting Marshmallow 6.0

Google, when announced Android One program last year, promised they will bring the latest updates to the devices powered with Android One ahead of all other devices just like Nexus! Now, it seems Google is withstanding that promise. Many devices running on Android One are receiving Android Marshmallow 6.0 upgrade in India and overall world.

If you haven't received an OTA update notification yet then follow the steps given at the bottom of the post. And if you have received and don't know how to upgrade your device to run on Android Marshmallow then check steps 2 to 6 at the bottom.

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Android Marshmallow 6.0 - S'More to Love

Though it is not clear about Google's plan to roll out Android Marshmallow to all the devices running on Android One platform, some XDA members have extracted the upgrade file and have put it on the forum. If you are not in the mood of waiting for the OTA update to come you can check the forum and download and install it from there (all the instructions are given there). 
Link to the forum post : Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA Update Captured.

Android Marshmallow upgrade on Android One devices

How to Download and Install Android Marshmallow?

Follow the steps to get the latest Android version - Marshmallow 6.0
First step is for those who haven't received OTA notification automatically. Others can skip the first step. Before you start upgradation process, make sure you have enough juice available to run the process. Keep minimum 60% battery juice before you proceed.
  1. To check whether an OTA upgrade available or not,
      • Go to Settings, click on About Phone at the bottom of the list.
      • Go into System Updates, your device will automatically check for the update.
      • If an update is available then it will show a message to download it from there, otherwise it will display 'Your device's software is up to date.' If you get this message, don't worry, you will get your OTA update very soon, sometimes these updates take time to reach.
      • Those who have received success message could continue to step 2.
  2.    Those who have received OTA notification can download it by clicking on Download Now button. The upgrade is 337.9MB in size, it will take some time. Better you use WIi-Fi to download it.
  3. Once you complete the downloading of the upgrade file, you will need to install it in order to get the Marshmallow up and running in your device.
  4. But, before you continue on to the next step, follow this precautionary step
      • Take a Backup of all your data
      • Use any third party app available on Google Play Store and take full backup.
      • Store it somewhere safe like your laptop/PC/Cloud.
  5. Now as you have taken backup of all your important data, you should proceed and install the update.
      • To install update, again go into Settings - About Phone - System Updates
      • There you will see the update file. Click on the install button.
      • Your device will start to reboot.
      • It will take several minutes to install and upgrade all the built-in system apps, be patient.
  6. Once it completes installation process and completes upgradation of built-in system apps, your device will restart. It will take few seconds extra than its usual boot time as it will be running the new OS for the first time.
That's it! Once your device reboots check for the Android version by again visiting About Phone section, there you will see Android version 6.0.

Other devices to get Marshmallow Update:

Along with Google other manufacturers like Motorola, HTC, LG, Sony and Samsung have promised to roll out OTA update for their models. You will hear from them in upcoming days. I will keep you all informed. Subscribe to the blog, Follow me on Twitter - @abhi009s


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