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Moto 360 : A Smartphone by Motorola

After launching teasers of New MOTO X and Second Gen MOTO G today on their official YouTube Channel, Motorola launched a teaser video of MOTO 360 Smart Watch.
Looks like Motorola is trying to make buzz in Android market with these teasers on their oficial YouTube channel. Motorola launched these videos on YouTube before updating their website, an erratic way of publicity.

The rumored price of this stylish smart-watch is buzzed around #250, though conformation from Motorola is awaiting. If you go though the teaser you will definitely get impressed by it's looks and functioning.
The acctual details of this smart-watch yet to come to light as the website is not updated till now.

Along with MOTO 360 Watch , Motorola also revealed the teasers of New MOTO X and Second GEN MOTO G. Click on the links to know more about these releases.

Keep checking here for more updates of MOTO 360 Watch , Second Gen MOTO G  and New MOTO X.


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