"Never laugh at live dragons, Bilbo you fool!"

So over at Classic-Castle, moderator Bluesecrets created a contest in which contestants were to show how they believed dragons were created. Now the winners have already been announced here, but user rogue27 (also a moderator of C-C) included a very small, yet well done mosaic in his entry.

His description reads: 
"The exchange student always blew off his sculpture assignments so he could dream up new monsters. Nobody expected that his creations would find their way into legends."

The mosaic is only about 6 studs long and 3 and a third studs high, yet conveys the image nicely. I'm going to have to try and incorporate small mosaics like these into tapestries, graffiti, or something else into my creations and I invite you to do the same!

You can check out the his Brickshelf gallery here, and the gallery for the entry here.

Guess the quote in the post title above in the comments below! (No google seraches! XD ) I'll give you hint. It will be released as a motion picture in a few months. ;-)

UPDATE: The winner of our not-so-official contest is Martin! The quote for the headline of the post has been modified now. Thanks for guessing!

Until then, bye!


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