SNOT Magic

I'm still super-preoccupied with the MocAthalon, so posts will be sparse this month, but I did see this cute mosaic from Legoland Florida.  The person who posted this on flickr called it a "grammatical error", which I can understand, but I suppose it is supposed to be an in-joke about SNOT, or "Studs Not On Top", a technique very clearly used in the sign (I spy cheese slopes!).  In that case, it probably would have been better to have it say, "It's SNOT magic." 

It Snot Magic!

Either way, I still really like the image of the magician and his magic sparkles.  It's also neat how the mosaic is on a curve, and is not flat like mosaics normally are.  There are some other cute mosaics spread around the rest of the photo, too.


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