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Lucky Baby!

Jeff Shaw (unpoko77) recently had a new little one join his family. His wife asked him to make some LEGO birds for decoration in the baby's room. After he finished those, he kept making more LEGO animals and framing the ones that worked. The result is a series of very cute and happy mosaics. Jeff said that he wanted to use just bricks to make the animals. While animal shapes could be made to look much more realistic with more sophisticated parts, the use of the basic bricks makes these seem very toy-like, perfect for a child's room.

I can't decide which one I like best, so I'm going to include the whole series here:

Lizard Owl WhaleSquid TwoBirds
Werewolf Robot Penguin

Jeff said that his wife actually built the werewolf, and he just added some depth to it. I think it's a lucky baby who has parents who work together to make a LEGO werewolf decoration for their room (not to mention all the other cute critters).

Also, be sure to check Jeff's photostream for more LEGO goodness, including a Star Wars Holiday Village.


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