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Fabric Patterns

Yvonne Doyle ({YVD}) has used a wide variety of different colors to make LEGO mosaics that resemble different fabric patterns. Her latest is a saddle blanket design that uses colors such as magenta, medium violet, and sand purple:

Saddle blanket

Previously she has worked on a number of different tartan patterns in various colors. Here are a few of those:

Blue and Dk blue Lego Tartan pattern

Pink/Blue/White Lego Tartan pattern

Red Tartan in Lego

When I look at these, it's hard for my brain to tell which colors are actually being used. The intersections of color look so natural, like two different dyes intermingling. Then I remember it's in LEGO, and Yvonne had to pick each color perfectly in order to get the desired effect.

You can see more examples of fabric and patterns in this set.

Now if only you could wrap yourself up in them...


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