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CUUSOO Tessellation Tiles

Well, school has finally started and I've begun to get back in the swing of things. A while back, I received a post on the blog about a CUUSOO project. I've been meaning to talk about it, but I had been really busy.

Anywho, so this project could really interesting and/or useful for both mosaic and castle builders, and I'm sure it could translate into other themes, as well. A user named Nachapon as been creating these renderings for some intuitive part designs. The project featured is titled: Lego Tessellation Tiles New Bricks Design. Take a look below:

I think my favorite project would probably have to be the first one pictured. It would be great for a throne room, in my opinion. Or perhaps a ballroom. These would all have to be used for studs up mosaics, but I still think they'd be great for adding sharper details and possibly texture. Thanks to Nachapon, for letting me know.

As far as the likeliness of this project succeeding, I'm guessing it'll be pretty low, since we haven't quite seen a single part(s) project succeed yet. So, who knows. I would love to see these integrated into a set, though. Best of luck, I supported it. ;-) And you should too! Check it out here and the rest of Nachapon's projects, which are really creative.



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