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Brickworld 2010 Workshop: Build Your Own Lego Mosaic

As many of us know, one of the most popular Lego conventions took place last month (June) in Wheeling, IL. Brickworld 2010, which took place June 17th-20th with 795 attendees, was a huge success (Or at least what I've heard and seen). And it had a fairly good sized presence of mosaics!

The most notable presence of mosaics is the workshop that took place June 17th from 9:00 am 12:00 pm, directed by Jeremy Moody of the "Lego ship in a Bottle" fame. The description on the Brickworld website reads:

Have you ever wondered how the some of the best LEGO mosaics are designed? Have you wanted to build one yourself? In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know to design your own mosaic. We will talk about various techniques in design — where one method is better than another, etc. You will even get a chance to build your own full color mosaic to show at Brickworld and take home at the end of the event! Builders are asked to bring $20 to cover the cost of materials, or $15 if they bring their own 32x32 baseplate. Builders are also highly encouraged (but not required) to bring laptops, and to install GIMP, available for free at http://www.gimp.org. Builders must also decide on an image they want to turn into a mosaic ahead of time, and if unable to bring a laptop to the workshop, send the image via email to [Taken out]. Any other questions about the workshop may be sent to that address as well. Take some time to think of a good subject for your mosaic; remember that these mosaics will be relatively small, so tiny details won't show up. If you are unsure if a particular subject will work, feel free to ask. Limited to 20 teams of builders.* A team refers to a group of one or more builders working on one mosaic. Non-builders may come to watch, provided space is available. Led by Jeremy Moody

$20 for a 32x32 custom mosaic is a great deal and sounds like a lot of fun! Jeremy posted an image of all the mosaics that were made:

Flickr user, TooMuchDew took a closer up picture of the mosaic he made, based off his Flickr avatar.

I think it turned out great!

Be sure to read Jeremy's write-up on how he thinks the workshop went here.

On another note, I was able to attend the public display, and it was blast seeing all the cool mosaics that weren't in the workshop.

For several posts here at MosaicBricks we will be talking about all sorts of mosaics at Brickworld (despite it being a month afterwards). =)


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