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Telegram Killing Whatsapp

Telegram is  a new messaging introduced by a Russian telecom company available on android and ios platforms.

Telegram Messenger for Android

In last 3 days this app is been downloaded by more than 100 thousand  users worldwide. This app is giving a good fight to mighty and user's favorite social messaging app Whatsapp. With this increasing popularity this app could overtake Whatsapp also.

This app has some unique features than Whatspp which is the reason behind it's increasing popularity.

This app allows you to add up to 200 people to the group, the number is much more than what Whatsapp supports. It also provides up to 1GB storage, it provides secure way of storing  your information. It also allows you to send files in Word and PPT formats.

It uses Facebook like login feature to enter, thus providing a security from other unwanted people.

Whatspp allows you to Photos, Audio, Video, Contacts and Your Location. But Telegram has gone much further, you can send document files also using this new app.

You can chat secretly also in this app, a similar concept to the offline chat from  Gtalk and Facebook chat.

The only minus point is this app does not provide support for Voice Chat.

Download :Telegram for Android


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