Awhile back I wrote a post about how Doug Hill experimented with different ways of stacking transparent elements attempts to make gray-scale mosaics.  [Arthur Gugick has also beautifully demonstrated that similar stacking techniques work to expand a color palette.]  Now Blake Baer shows off another mosaic using this technique:


The different shades of gray that are achieved by stacking the transparent 1x1 plates make the portrait come alive with detail.  Blake says there are close to 4000 pieces in this mosaic.  Stacking pieces greatly increases the number of pieces necessary, but I suppose that is compensated by the higher resolution of the mosaic, which will then not need to be as large as it would have been otherwise. 

Here is a detail shot, showing the layering technique:


The mosaic is made from the engagement photo of two very talented LEGO builders, Sean and Steph Mayo.  Although it's not a mosaic, check out their finally-finished Faerie Forest -- it's magnificent!   Blake surprised Sean and Steph with this mosaic at BrickFair last week, where it won "Best Mosaic."  I'd say it was a well-deserved win.

Addendum:  Actually, the above-mentioned Faerie Forest does contain at least one mosaic.  Here is one of stained-glass redwood tree, on the side of the Forestmen Guild:

Forestmen Guild (Side)


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