Artomatic is an interesting event held in Crystal City, Virginia.  According to Tracy Lee,

"Artomatic is a 5-week long event with over 1,300 visual artists and performers - we've taken over an 11-story office building in Crystal City, VA and turned it into a gigantic art experience. Each visual artist gets a space in exchange for a registration fee and working in the event - the entire enterprise is volunteer driven. 1,100 visual artists all working together to put on a show. It will be up until June 23rd."

Tracy's son, Duncan Guthery, has taken over a room to display LEGO "Art of the Pixel" -- 8-bit computer images recreated in LEGO.  He has lots of LEGO mosaics of subjects taken from pop culture on display, including Nyan Cat, the King of All Cosmos and the Prince from Katamari, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter characters, and My Neighbor Totoro. 

Artomatic 2012 - Legos

Duncan has already sold three of the mosaics.  I'm impressed:  when I was 11, I didn't even know what a LEGO mosaic was.  I had no idea that one could build, display, and even sell such things!

You can see Duncan's Artomatic profile here.  It includes lots of extra pictures and information.


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