The Duke's Ballroom

Quite awhile ago I saw a MOC with a tiled floor that I loved. I thought at the time that if I had a LEGO blog, I would certainly post this MOC. Well, now I am contributing to a blog, and so here's the post. ;-)

Alex Fojtik (BrickFX) built this lovely ballroom that includes tile flooring and forced perspective, both of which he said were new to him. I think he did an excellent job with both.

Here's an overview of the whole MOC:

Ballroom: overview

And here's a closer, more in-focus look at the lovely mosaic floor, which is done mainly with headlight brick squares interspersed with 1x1 plates:

Ballroom: floor detail

I rather like the look of the flags, windows, and chandeliers as well.

For more patterns made from headlight bricks, be sure to check out this set by Brendan Powell Smith. There are also photos in that set that show the construction of the basic headlight brick square. I also experimented with headlight brick patterns before, with lots of variations. Some of those experiments can be seen here and here (among various others; the headlight brick square is incredibly useful for building all sorts of different patterns).


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