Aliens Like Mosaics, Too

There was a time in my life when I would check the internet for new crop circles every day, not because I was particularly interested in the paranormal, but because I loved the geometry of them. I tried drawing a copy of one once, back before I re-discovered the fun of LEGO. 

Several other people have worked on recreating crop circles in LEGO form. It's a bit unconventional, I suppose, but I think it is safe to say that these designs fall into the mosaic category. 

The first ones I saw were by Chadwick VonVeederveld (who has his own band with an exciting website that my daughter loves).   The first of his "circles" is actually a spiralling square:

first of many lego crop circles....

The second is a re-creation of the B-side label to his band's first 7" label.

b side label

As an aside, there's a video of the non-LEGO version of this design spinning, and it has a trippy 3-D effect.

David Pagano (Paganomation), has a video/animation production studio which specializes in LEGO.  He worked on a few different crop circle designs for use in a video made for the LEGO Group in 2011.  The video was Red Brick Saga #3 - Alien Conquest,  and you can see the final result here.  The crop circle in the video (shown about five seconds before the end) turned out to be a very simple design, but another, more elaborate version was created for possible use: 
Crop circle camera test

He noted that the original design was meant to look like the Classic Space logo, but that LEGO did not approve it, because they thought it didn't really come across as a crop circle, and wanted just a plain circle instead.

Another cute crop circle was done by Mike T. as a collaboration for a UFO scene with PennLUG
Making crop circles

I guess aliens like mosaics and LEGO. 

I've collected several more examples of different crop circle techniques in a gallery on flickr.  I wonder how many of them were made by Lino Martins' Dodge A-100 Alien Crop Circle Maker?  I don't know, but I'm sure the truth is out there...


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