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Forever Enshrined Behind Some Old Glass Pane

Barney Main (SlyOwl) made this scene for an entry in an Iron Builder competition. For the contest he was required to use the yellow triangle piece in each creation. The triangles made for very nice medals, but for me the highlight of the MOC was the mosaic portrait.

Forever enshrined behind some old glass pane

It uses bricks and plates heading in several directions in order to give the impression of a soldier in an old, tattered photograph. All together it makes for a rather poignant scene.

While on the topic of Barney, I should mention that he was featured extensively in the latest LEGO Ideas Book. I received this book for Christmas, and it is packed with wonderful models from several people I have "met" in the online LEGO community. It also includes an extensive mosaic section, which I will try to cover in a future post.


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