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One Plastic Brick to Rule Them All...

If you haven't heard the buzz lately, The Lego Group recently announced their partnership with The Lord of the Rings properties, taken from the great epic by J. R. R. Tolkein. And boy, has the internet been in mad discussion! To celebrate the license, here are three mosaics to showcase the arrival!

The Doors of Durin by ktraphagen (Which is technically made out of Modulex, which is a smaller brick form, like Duplo is a bigger brick medium.)

Sauron is watching you
untitled (aka J. R. R. Tolkein's Signature) by Repoort

If you'd like to check out more exciting Lord of the Rings, There and Back Again/The Hobbit, and Tolkien Lego creations, be sure to check out Bruce N H's new blog, entitled TolkienBricks (and while you're there, check out his other great blogs too!).

Just as a side note, I hope everyone has been enjoying the new content with Katie's fantastic posts. Now that schools out I'm hoping on getting into the Christmas/Holiday spirit with some mosaic posts and exciting new ideas.

Stick around!


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