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"Design a Holiday Stamp" Contest Winner

Brixe63 has made a lot of neat LEGO creations, such as her optical illusions, highly-detailed house, and nesting Modulex piggy banks. Talent must run in her family, because her son just won a grand prize in Germany for the LEGO "Design a Holiday Stamp Contest." His entry was this charming little Christmas tree:

Christmas tree

As part of his prize, he won a professionally designed and framed mosaic of his design, made to look like a postage stamp:

LEGO mosaic

It's a MOC of a MOC. Now we just need someone to make a MOC of this, and we'll have nesting MOCs, just like the nesting piggy banks. Silliness aside, it's a lovely prize for a well-deserving entry. Congratulations!

There are apparently grand prize winners for the US and the UK, too. I'll have to look around to see if I can find those entries and prizes, too.


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