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Wow. I'm overhwhelmed and burned out. But BW11 rocks!

Hey there. Remember this blog? Me too! It's been roughly two weeks since I posted. Two weeks.

Wow. I've been overwhelmed recently. Like really. Let's rewind, shall we? We're going a little personal today.

Summer of '10. Fun time. I was in Two competitions, one on MOCpages, one on a Lego Star Wars forums (I got 3rd/90 and 5th/20-ish!). I entered in another competition from the Brickshow (Got 1st!), I was active in forums, posted regularly, I helped out in my church's VBS which had a Lego elective. Not to mention having one of my cousins over for a total amount of time for 1 month and also having other things to do with family and stuff.

So as school starts to roll around, I'm doing pretty good, but I'm starting to feel burned out. Like really. I've got big plans for the blog, Brickworld 11 and general stuff. School is just hard this year though. I've got nothing on Tue, I help out at church on Wed nights, I have music lessons on Thurs, and I'm generally free the rest of the weekend, just very busy with school. In Sep. my brother and I start playing Warhammer (It's extremely nerdy) and later on in the winter, I came across this game. Computer Game. Minecraft. It's amazing. Literally. Wow. I use periods. A lot. Hahaha, just kidding. ;-D

Christmas Eve Eve I have surgery, and at this point after I'm just not that in to Lego. Pieces need to be sorted, haven't posted in a while, and I'm just not in to it necessarily. Not to mention worries about getting a job, learning how to drive and all that stupid junk.

But! Recently. I've got really excited. Brickworld '11! Heck yeah! I'm signed up! My friends and I are going and I've got big plans. Plus, it has inspired me to really get back to the basics and reorganized my priorities. What's most important, and what's not.

What I'm just telling you is, the blog has been falling behind. And I'm going to change that! Finally! Conpetitions, more interviews, more mosaics!

Thanks for reading guys. Felt like I owed you an explanation.


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